Ameria Group’s LA office, Ameria Group Inc. serves as a one-stop resource for investors interested in investments in Armenia’s and CIS’s emerging markets for unique projects.  Ameria Group Inc. connects entrepreneurs to Ameria’s best experts and investment projects in the CIS region. Ameria clients receive full-fledged advisory services in Armenia. They also take advantage of the best financial services in Armenia, all under the same roof.  With Ameria, investors now have the privilege of taking an institutional approach toward making profitable foreign direct investments in Armenia and other CIS countries. 

Entrepreneurs now have a high level of professional support while investing in Armenia or doing business in Armenia through Ameria.  Ameria, with its world class expertise and local know-how of the business environment in Armenia, offers paths to success for many investors looking for diversification and high return on investment through unique projects.

Under the umbrella of one group, Ameria’s clients benefit from:

  1. Legal Advisory Services in Armenia
  2. Management Advisory Services in Armenia
  3. Investment banking services, including Mergers Services in Armenia, Acquisitions Services in Armenia, Equity Financing Services in Armenia & Business Valuation
  4. Asset Management in Armenia
  5. Tax & Accounting Services
  6. Project Management

Ameria's Legal Advisory
has a solid in-house team of qualified lawyers with extensive experience in the market. Ameria Legal Team stands ready to provide the legal support needed for successfully establishing, structuring and managing your business in Armenia. Ameria Legal provides the highest quality of representation and unparalleled results, mitigating the risks of running a business in Armenia and other CIS countries with high return on investment.

Ameria's Management Advisory is renowned for its strategic development services and is able to guide you through all stages of your investment life-cycle, starting from business idea feasibility to staff recruitment and training. Also, MAS high experienced and professional team could provide required industry insights through tailored researches or periodic publication of unsolicited researches on key sectors of Armenian economy. Construction of the modern class A business center Elite Plaza, development of new tourism destination Tatev Cluster, including world’s largest aerial tramway to Tatev Monastery are a few  of the many successful projects developed by Ameria Management Advisory Services..

Ameria's Equity Financing secures funds needed for the next stage of entrepreneurs’ growth cycle. Through partnership with International Financial Institutions Ameria has raised more than $ 200 million for businesses.

Ameria's Merger’s & Acquisition

Team is the country’s largest M&A Advisor in commercial real estate industry, including hotel sales and acquisition.

Tax & Accounting Services

Ameria advisors now work with BDO, the fifth largest audit firm worldwide, that has entered the Armenian market by merging with Ameria Audit CJSC in Armenia with client base that includes 50 % of Armenia’s biggest taxpayers.


Armenia’s premier advisory and financial services provider, Ameria Group of Companies, with more than $ 500 million dollars in assets and branches across the country, is expanding dynamically within and beyond the borders of Armenia. With its world-class expertise and local know-how, Ameria has attracted multimillion foreign investments into the country and helped many businesses successfully grow in the emerging Armenian market over the past decade.