Ameria Group’s LA office, Ameria Group Inc. serves as a one-stop resource for investors interested in investments in Armenia’s and CIS’s emerging markets for unique projects. Ameria Group Inc. connects entrepreneurs to Ameria’s best experts and investment projects in the CIS region. Ameria clients receive full-fledged advisory services in Armenia. They also take advantage of the best financial services in Armenia, all under the same roof. With Ameria, investors now have the privilege of taking an institutional approach toward making profitable foreign direct investments in Armenia and other CIS countries.

Entrepreneurs now have a high level of professional support while investing in Armenia or doing business in Armenia through Ameria. Ameria, with its world class expertise and local know-how of the business environment in Armenia, offers paths to success for many investors looking for diversification and high return on investment through unique projects.

Under the umbrella of one group, Ameria’s clients benefit from:

  • Legal Advisory Services in Armenia
  • Management Advisory Services in Armenia
  • Investment banking services, including Mergers Services in Armenia, Acquisitions Services in Armenia, Equity Financing
  • Services in Armenia & Business Valuation
  • Tax & Accounting Services
  • Project Management