The information technologies field remains one of the priority directions of Armenia’s economic development, Vahan Martirosyan – minister of transport, communication and information technologies, said at the 3rd Armenian Internet Governance Forum, adding that the Armenian government, committed to its policy, makes great efforts for the effective development and strengthening of the ICT field.

“In this sense I want to state that 35% economic growth in the field has been recorded in the first half of 2017. Today the Internet is a part of our life, and it is impossible to conduct governance without it and engagement of different sectors of the public. I am convinced that the discussions of topics included in the Forum agenda will enable to find solutions to the challenges”, the minister said.

He attached importance to the professional discussion on issues in the fields of information security, the Internet impact on radio-TV, digitization of libraries, cloud technologies and the readiness to find solutions to them through joint efforts.

Alexandra Kulikova – Global Stakeholder Engagement Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia at ICANN, attached importance to holding this Forum and said it is a chance to once again discuss the issues of the field.

“Civil society has been the driving force of internet governance. Armenia’s voice in the international platform of this field has always been heard. I think with joint efforts we can achieve tangible results”, she said.

Source: Armenpress