The EEU, EU, USA and Georgia remain the traditional markets for Armenia, however other significant markets can be added, according to Hovhannes Azizyan, deputy minister of economic development and investment.

These markets can be the markets of Persian Gulf and other Arab countries, which have high potential in terms of purchasing power, and Armenian products can be rather interesting there with quality and peculiarities.

Mr. Azizyan noted that the main range of products in Armenia which have export opportunity are finished products – alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, textile, agricultural products. At this stage, tobacco, pastry production also have great opportunities for export.

Speaking on exports of products to EEU third countries, Azizyan said that the main goal of Armenia is exporting to third countries. According to him, this is the purpose of the EEU. The deputy minister mentioned that the quality of exported Armenian products is well known in the EEU territory and major advertising campaign and awareness works aren’t required for this, unlike third country markets.